Low Energy, and Breath Not Engaging? Try This.


We’ve all had days when we’re tired, but we need to practice, perform, or attend an ensemble. Wake up your breathing with the Bellows Breathing exercise.

This exercise should only be done by persons in good health, who already know how to do abdominal breathing. Bellows Breathing should not be practiced by persons with the following health concerns: High blood pressure, heart trouble, stroke, epilepsy, vertigo, detached retina, hernia, or gastric ulcers. Persons with asthma should consult their doctors first, and of course if there is any question at all about any health condition, please consult a doctor.

Directions for Bellows Breathing

1.  Sit in a chair, with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.

2. With your mouth gently closed (no jaw clenching!) swiftly inhale and exhale through your nose, aiming for 2-3 breaths per second. These breaths are very short and noisy, and should make your abdomen bounce. Do only as many as can be done in 15 seconds.

3. Stop for at least 15 seconds.

4. Repeat the process.

5. At the end of the cycle, take one deep abdominal breath through the nose, and then exhale.

This exercise can make you light-headed if you aren’t used to it, so don’t overdo it in the beginning. You can gradually build up the amount of time by 5 seconds each time, but do not exceed one minute.